Our Founder


A Message from Our Founder


This journey has left its mark. I see the invisible stigmata of widowhood writ large upon my life. I am not the same person since that fateful day in 1985.

I have wept more tears than I thought one could ever produce. I have been held close by God and my friends and held them close in return. I have been blessed with sisters of the heart and soul, who have been my stalwart companions on this broken road of loss and grief. We have held each other’s hands through life’s journey – even in the days of depth, misery and mourning – we helped each other achieve resilience and new hope.

I have watched Wicare grow steadily to become the respected support group that it is today and am deeply grateful to our advisors, sponsors, volunteers and committee members who have worked so tirelessly over the years to ensure Wicare’s continuity and growth.

I hope you will find things here that will serve you well and bring hope, healing, comfort and companionship on your own journey.

- Joyce Lye    

Our Mission

We aim to:

  • Reach out to widows and the fatherless to identify with their grief and loss
  • Provide widows with easily accessible support services – emotional support, information and training
  • Provide encouragement and friendship to widows and their children
  • Provide opportunities for widows to accept their loss, to cope with the present and provide hope for the future
  • Provide the environment to share experiences, to talk and to listen