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The Stories Of Hope


As part of Wicare’s 20th anniversary celebration, Wicare launched a public awareness campaign, titled Women of Strength in 2018. Women of Strength campaign aims to publicise the work at Wicare, and to tell the stories of widows who have inspired others through their grit and courage, in rising above the challenges of loss. These stories aim to rekindle hope in the bereaved, and to encourage them to move on in life with meaning and purpose.


From the many entries that were submitted, 19 outstanding ones and a personal sharing by our spokesperson, Ms Joyce Han, have been included. This book contains many inspiring stories of widows from different backgrounds.


Please click the link to download this book.


The Videos of Hope


Our grief journey is best understood through authentic sharing of those who have walked through the widowhood. Understanding the journey is essential but only when one participates in the story does journeying truly begins. Here are five videos that tell the story…